Housecleaning Service FAQ

How do I order the housecleaning service?
Contact Crimson Concierge and provide your credit card information for the semester package.
You will want to be ready to select your first cleaning appointment to get started.

How do I book an appointment?
Contact Crimson Concierge. They will work with you to select the best date and time for your appointment. Our cleaning partners are available to book Monday-Friday, 8 am – 8 pm.

Do I have to be present during the cleaning?
You have to be present when the cleaning partner arrives to allow them entry to your room. However, you do not have to remain present while they clean.

I have roommates on the other side of the suite. Will their room be included?
We do have package rates for suitemates. Contact Crimson Concierge for details.

Are taxes included in the fee?
No. The fee for housecleaning does not include the state taxes. Those will be added to the cost of the services and will be reflected on the payment statement.

Who is the cleaning partner?
Our cleaning partner is New Age Maids, a local Las Cruces business. You can learn more about them at their site:

What if I have to cancel my scheduled appointment?
Contact Crimson Concierge for schedule changes. You must provide 24 hours notice to reschedule.

Do I need to leave a tip for services?
While gratuity is a kind gesture, it is not expected for these services.

What are some tips to prepare for my cleaning?
Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Pick up all the scatter- random shoes, socks, towels and other items on the floor or out of place in the room
  • Clear the clutter from areas expected to be cleaned- the gathering of paper or products that cover a surface. Very common on bathroom sinks
  • Be on tie to your appointment – Our partners will wait 10 minutes but then will move to to the next site and you will forfeit your cleaning session.

Why do you ask for my scent preference when I order?
Our cleaning partners want to pamper you each time they visit. As part of your service, they will scent your room with essential oils from Young Living.

Choose from:
Lemon to promote Productivity (great for kicking off the semester!)
Lavender for Relaxation (a must-have after homecoming weekend!)
Peppermint for Memory Retention (great for studying for finals!)

Crimson Concierge