Laundry Service FAQ

Crimson Concierge Laundry Service 575-646-2079 What can I include in my laundry bag? You can include all washable items that fit inside your custom NMSU laundry bag. Please be sure that all items are washable and can be dried. If they have special instructions, please contact Crimson Concierge to determine next steps. Can I include whites and colors together? Yes! Your laundry service will separate and return your whites white, reds red, and only pink when they start that way. I had the flu, and my clothes are a mess. Can I include those in my laundry bag? We ask that you use your best judgment for soiled garments. Perhaps a pre-wash would be a courtesy to our partners. Is there anything I can't include? Delicates and dry-clean only should not be included in your laundry bag. All items will be washed and dried. What if there's a stain that I want to be removed? Pin a note to the spot to let the laundry partners know. What about sheets and comforters? These items are unlikely to fit in your bags. We have special pricing for bedding not included with the package. Contact Crimson Concierge What if something is missing when I pick up my bag? Contact Crimson Concierge What if I lose my laundry bag? Contact Crimson Concierge What kind of detergent do you use? Can I request something special? The services use standard detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. If you require a particular formula or have allergies, we recommend you contact Crimson Concierge for details before signing up. If I miss a week, can I do two loads the next week? No, this program is specially priced to provide regular pick-up delivery on this schedule. What if I need something returned before the delivery date? Our schedule is going to be regular pick up and drop offs. If you might need a garment before the return date, we recommend you not include it in the laundry bag.

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