The procedure defines the methods for requesting approval to advertise and/or display, post or hang flyers, banners, table tents, boards and signs inside Corbett Center Student University (CCSU) and within 20 feet of the exterior of the building. All items noted will require prior approval -- email to request information or submit the material for review at the CCSU Information Desk.

Guideline/Policy (Source):

Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU, Rule 3.92 Sales and Solicitation

Applies to all signs (banners, flyers, etc.) inside or outside (within 20 feet) of the Corbett Center Student Union Building:

  1. All signs (posters, banners, etc.) must be pre-approved and stamped by CCSU Administration. Any signs, posters, banners, flyers, etc. left on tables, counters, stairwells or other furniture will be discarded.
  2. Only CCSU staff are authorized to hang, post or place signs (banners, flyers, etc.) in the building.
  3. Only signs for university or student organization sponsored events will be approved for posting in CCSU.
  4. Signs must serve to benefit or present opportunities for NMSU students and the campus community.
  5. Signs will not be secured with duct tape, stripping tape, packing tape or any other form of tape in the interior or on the exterior of the building.
  6. Signs may not be placed on glass, painted or tiled surfaces or posted on the exterior of CCSU or its surrounding walls.

Bulletin Boards:

  1. Submit materials for posting to the CCSU Information Desk.
  2. Any materials placed on the bulletin boards without an approval stamp will be removed and discarded.
  3. Materials with expired posting dates are removed immediately following the event, or the day following the event.
  4. Bulletin boards will be cleared at the end of each semester and materials discarded.
  5. Certain bulletin boards in CCSU are permanently assigned to campus groups. For example, Aggies Activities Council, Greek Life, Studio-G are all assigned bulletin boards on the first floor. Permanently assigned bulletin boards are the responsibility of each particular group with the understanding that this procedure applies.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging way to communicate information to the campus community through flat screen HD monitors. Select digital signage screens throughout campus and Corbett Center Student Union are available for advertising by submitting a form. You can provide your own design for approval, or the team will make one for you upon request.


Flyers can be hung in Corbett Center Student Union. Please ensure your event is approved by Campus Activities. Design your flyer and print 4 copies; bring copies to the Corbett Center Info Desk for review. We will review and post on the bulletin boards if approved. If it’s not approved, we will give you a call back.



  1. The allowed forms for displaying signs are acceptable only after the sign, artwork and responsible party have been given approval from CCSU Administration:
    • Easel
    • A-Frame Board
    • Poster Stand
    • Retractable Stand
    • X-Frame Banner Stand
    • Tension Fabric Display
    • Telescopic Banner Stand

  2. All signs must receive approval before being displayed within CCSU or on the exterior sidewalk. Email to request information or simply submit the material for review at the Information Desk.

  3. Free standing signs, easels or a-frames will be placed on the sidewalk within 20 feet of the exterior of the building or first floor of Corbett Center Student Union in locations pre-determined by CCSU Administration.
    • Each sign will have a specific display and removal period.
    • The person who submitted the poster(s) will be contacted so the poster can be retrieved when the display period is over or at the end of each semester.
    • Unclaimed signs will be discarded.
    • Signs that are faded, torn, wrinkled or otherwise unattractive in appearance will be removed.

Stickers and Chalk

Stickers and chalk may be applied to the sidewalk beginning 20 feet from the exterior of the building. Stickers and chalk applied closer to the building may be removed.