Signage Requests

The guidelines below apply to all signs (banners, flyers, etc.) inside or outside (within 20 feet) of the Corbett Center Student Union Building:

  1. All signs must be pre-approved and stamped by CCSU Administration. Any signs, posters, banners, flyers, etc. left on tables, counters, stairwells or other furniture will be discarded.
  2. Only CCSU staff are authorized to hang, post or place signs (banners, posters, flyers, etc.) in the building.
  3. Only signs  for university or student organization sponsored events will be approved for posting in CCSU.
  4. Signs must serve to benefit or present opportunities for NMSU students and the campus community.
  5. Signs will not be secured with duct tape, stripping tape, packing tape or any other form of tape in the interior or on the exterior of the building.
  6. Signs may not be placed on glass, painted or tiled surfaces or posted on the exterior of CCSU or its surrounding walls.
It is suggested that content for hanging posters be submitted to CCSU Administration before being printed. Email to request approval.

Digital Signage

Select digital signage screens throughout campus and Corbett Center Student Union are available for advertising by submitting a form.